Submit your results

You can upload your own segmentations and view previous uploads at the 'files' page.


Read the instructions below carefully before submitting.


  • For each submission you must supply a description file in pdf format. This file should contain a description of your system. More information is available here.
  • The results file you submit should be a compressed file. Any compression format that can be handled by 7zip is supported, which includes most common compressed file types like gzip (.tar.gz), zip, rar, bz2 (.tar.bz2) and 7z. Although 7zip claims to be able to decompress .rar, we had some problems with rar files and advice you to avoid that type.
  • The uploaded file will be decompressed into a single directory (so names of subdirectories in the archive, if they exist are ignored) and the largest 38 files are selected. These files are sorted alphabetically and it is assumed the first file corresponds to the first test scan (also in alphabetical order), and so on.
  • Each file should be in raw unsigned char or char format. Each byte corresponds to a voxel, starting with (0,0,0), running over x, y, and z in that order. Byte value 0 indicates background, byte value 1 is left caudate, byte value 2 is right caudate (note that when you view the data in a typical viewer, you will see the slice from below, so the left caudate is on the right in the image and vice versa).
  • So, if you would keep the original test filenames (you don't have to as long as the alphabetical order is correct), the compressed file you submit contains the following files and file sizes:

    BWH_PNL_16_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_17_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_18_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_19_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_20_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_21_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_22_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_23_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_24_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_25_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_26_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_27_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_28_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    BWH_PNL_29_MRI_RAI.raw 8,126,464
    UNC_NIAL_01.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_03.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_04.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_06.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_09.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_10.raw 12,582,912
    UNC_NIAL_11.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_12.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_13.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_14.raw 12,582,912
    UNC_NIAL_15.raw 12,582,912
    UNC_NIAL_17.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_18.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_19.raw 12,582,912
    UNC_NIAL_20.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_21.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_22.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_23.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_24.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_25.raw 12,976,128
    UNC_NIAL_26.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_30.raw 12,582,912
    UNC_NIAL_31.raw 7,208,960
    UNC_NIAL_33.raw 7,208,960
  • The description file for each submission is checked manually. It may therefore take several days before results appear on the site.