The collection of the data, organization of the competition, and maintainance of this website requires a large effort. We are committed to maintaining this site as a public repository of benchmark results on our test data set in the spirit of cooperative scientific progress. In return, we ask everyone who uses this site to respect the rules below.

These rules amount to the following: we would like you to use this data in your work but you must, in return, send us the results of your algorithm, in the form of binary segmentation and a document that describes your method, and allow us to make these results publicly available on this site. We do not claim any ownership or right to the algorithms or uploaded documents, or create obstacles for publishing methods that use our data. On the contrary, we welcome publications that use the data on this site.

The following rules apply to all visitors of this site:

  • This site is copyrighted. That means that users of this site may not copy or redistribute content from it without explicit permission from the maintainers of this site, listed at the bottom of this page. This also applies to all images contained on the site.
  • We welcome links to this site. You are free to establish a hypertext link to any web page.

The following rules apply to those who register a team, download data and submit results:

  • The original data sets and associated segmentation data downloaded here, or any data derived from these data sets, must not be given nor redistributed under any circumstances to persons not belonging to the registered team.
  • In scientific publications (journal publications, conference papers, technical reports, presentations at conferences and meetings) that use the data from this website, you must cite the following paper:

    "3D Segmentation in the Clinic: A Grand Challenge", B. van Ginneken, T. Heimann, and M. Styner. In: T. Heimann, M. Styner, B. van Ginneken (Eds.): 3D Segmentation in the Clinic: A Grand Challenge, pp. 7-15, 2007.

    Note: The publication we require you to cite may change in the future. Please check this page before submitting a paper that uses the data from this site.
  • Teams are allowed to use images from this site for illustrations in their papers and scientific presentations.
  • Teams must not report results of caudate segmentation algorithms on only the training data of this website. Instead teams must always include results on the test data as well. Those results will be obtained by submitting results to this website.
  • Each submitted result file must be accompanied by a pdf file describing the workings of the system. The maintainers of this site reserve the right to refuse to evaluate systems whose description does not meet minimal requirements. See here for more explanation about the required description.
  • Results uploaded to this website, comprising segmentations and a descriptive document for each submission, will be made publicly available on this site, and by submitting results, you grant us permission to do so. Obviously, teams maintain full ownership and rights to the method.
  • Teams must notify the maintainers of this site about any publication that is (partly) based on the data on this site, in order for us to maintain a list of publications associated with this dataset.